Feed the fight

Food is fuel, for our bodies and for cancer. By modulating key nutrients through diet, we can stop cancer in its tracks.

The Faeth Program is precision nutrition that uses metabolism to starve cancer cells, depriving them of the specific nutrients they need to grow and resist standard treatments. Faeth starves your cancer and feeds your fight.


The Program

Our meals programs are highly customized, chef-crafted and precisely matched to specific cancer types. We deliver all of your daily meals and snacks straight to your door. Get on-demand access to our team of Faeth Nutritionists through the Faeth App. Faeth Nutritionists are highly specialized registered dietitians committed to supporting you and your journey. 

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Precision Nutrition

Scientifically-backed meals that reprogram your metabolism to starve your cancer of the nutrients it needs.




Personalized therapeutics that provide optimal nutritional support while you’re in treatment.

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Faeth App

A digital health app designed around you with on-demand support from Faeth nutritionists at your fingertips.

Expert nutritional support when you need it the most

We are a groundbreaking science and cancer company, and part of that commitment is changing the way we support cancer patients through their treatment.


Faeth Nutritionists are experts in guiding and supporting patients through Faeth’s precision nutrition program.

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