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Take control of your fight with Faeth. Our science-backed precision nutrition program is designed to starve your cancer of the nutrients it needs to survive and grow. Our preclinical animal studies have shown that our program may also increase the effectiveness of standard treatments.

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FTH 001 - A Phase 1b Study of Serabelisib in Combination with an Insulin Suppressing Diet (Study ISD) in Adult Subjects with Advanced Solid Tumors with PIK3CA Mutations with or without PTEN loss



Memorial Sloan Kettering, New York NY



Mayo Clinic, Rochester MN



University of Texas Southwestern, Dallas TX 



Pacific Cancer Specialists, Anaheim CA 



Hoag, Orange County CA



University of Alabama, Birmingham AL



Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee WI



East Carolina University, Greenville NC



University of Chicago, Chicago IL 



University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia PA 

You may still be able to participate in a study if you are not being treated at one of these sites. To find out if you may still be eligible, please reach out to our clinical trial partner, Anova Evidence at (224)-218-2408 or

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