The power to beat 
cancer is inside you


It's your metabolism, reprogrammed. We are working to unlock the power of metabolism to stop cancer in its tracks.

Breakthrough science that uses metabolism to starve cancer  

Everything needs food to survive and grow, including cancer. There is an entire dimension of human biology in metabolism that’s been too complex to leverage in the fight against cancer––until now. 

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Precision nutrition, potent treatment


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The Faeth Program is highly personalized precision nutrition designed to deprive tumors of the nutrients they needs to grow, while providing optimal nutritional support to healthy tissues.


The Faeth Program includes meals, therapeutics, and on-demand support from Faeth nutritionists for those participating in our clinical trials.

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Take the first step

When you join the Faeth patient community, you are actively taking control of your treatment and fighting your disease with the help of our science-backed, precision nutrition therapy, and guidance and support from our team of highly trained Faeth nutritionists.

We are committed to your fight, and to creating better cancer treatments for you and many others like you in the future.

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