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Faeth Therapeutics Is Looking For Participants For Their Pancreatic Cancer Clinical Trial

The organization studies the effect that diet and precision nutrition has on cancerous tumors. Faeth’s model pairs standard cancer treatment with personalized meal plans for patients with different forms of the disease.


While many leverage precision medicine, Faeth is banking on precision nutrition to tackle cancer

The San Francisco-based biotech is pairing metabolically-engineered diets with existing therapies to starve and kill tumors.

Cancer Research UK

Starving cancer into submission

Starving cancer cells of specific nutrients can slow tumour growth and sharpen the effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy – now, startup Faeth Therapeutics is creating precision diets...

CTSI Discovery Radio

Precision Nutrition: Dietary Management of Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer

It’s a pancreatic cancer clinical trial incorporating a diet custom tailored to patients, hoping that targeted nutrition can starve cancer cells...

Cancer Health

Precision Nutrition for Cancer Treatment

In the near future, it may be possible to design specific diets tailored to individual genomic profiles to starve tumors.


Could what you eat fight cancer? Medical College of Wisconsin joins new clinical trial

A new clinical trial is underway at the Medical College of Wisconsin. It takes a different approach to treat cancer and it all starts with what you eat.

CBS 42

A recipe for cancer, new clinical trial comes to Birmingham

Anand Parikh tells CBS42 their company was built to be the first of its kind in history, developing what they call the fourth pillar of cancer care- nutrition. 

Endpoints News

Sid Mukherjee, Lew Cantley behind new cancer biotech with food+drug combo treatment ambitions

Famed oncologist Sid Mukherjee and repeat biotech co-founder Lew Cantley have teamed up to form Faeth Therapeutics....

KRTV Great Falls

Company Uses nutrition and science to help battle cancer

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the U.S., but researchers hope to improve that statistic through a new treatment undergoing human clinical trials right now.

Business Insider

Faeth Therapeutics Series A pitch deck to raise $47 million to fight cancer

Faeth Therapeutics announced a $47 million Series A funding round on Wednesday. The startup is studying specialized diets as a way to slow and...

Sunday Times UK

Faeth's Anand Parikh: "Nutrition as the fourth pillar of cancer care"

Sunday Times’ tech correspondent Danny Fortson brings on Anand Parikh, co-founder and chief executive of Faeth Therapeutics, to talk about using nutrition to treat cancer...

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Faeth Therapeutics believes in precision nutrition to starve cancer

Faeth Therapeutics is a new cancer metabolism company developing clinically tested nutrition control, therapeutics, and digital tools for the treatment of cancer...


This biotech is betting dietary changes can reshape cancer care...

For all the advances oncology researchers have made in genomics and precision medicine, one of the most basic questions for cancer patients remains one of the least understood... What should I eat?

The Wall Street Journal

'Food-as-Medicine' startups draw venture capital

Interest among venture capitalists in the medical potential of food has risen as the understanding of diet’s role in disease has grown...


A PLATEFUL OF MEDICINE: Special diets might boost the power of drugs to vanquish tumors

But this spring, Makker is helping launch two clinical trials she hopes will change the picture. 


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